Need HTTP 429 (Too Many Requests) Help for Roblox Catalog Browser

I am having issues with my Roblox Catalog Browser, since Roblox allows 500 requests per server per minute, I don’t understand why I would be receiving this 429 error message when I am in a server alone and only making one request. My only guess would be that my app on Glitch is hitting some Glitch limit, but my apps should be boosted since I have the Glitch subscription so I thought there was no limit. My Glitch app code can be found below, I can post my Roblox code if needed if it will help solve the issue. I don’t know this language at all so any hints of what could be causing the error would be greatly appreciated!

const http = require(“http”);
const request = require(“request”);
const url = require(‘url’);

http.createServer((req, res) => {
const queryObject = url.parse(req.url, true).query;
let accessoryType = queryObject.AccessoryType;
let searchTerm = queryObject.Keyword;
let category = 11;
if (accessoryType == 20){ category = 4 };
try {
let url = request.get(“” + searchTerm + “&Category=” + category + “&Subcategory=” + accessoryType + “&SortType=0&Limit=30”);
url.on(“response”, response => {
if (response && response.headers) {
} catch (e) {
}).listen(process.env.PORT, () => console.log("listening on " + process.env.PORT))

Where are you seeing the ratelimits in the docs? I checked the API docs and couldn’t find anything on rate limits or HTTP 429 status codes.!/v1

I should also note that Glitch container IPs are shared, meaning that someone else in another project could be running an app the uses the Roblox API, meaning that you would share the request limit with them.

I also played around with the API myself, it it looks like I was limited after about 20-25 requests in a minute.

HttpService. I saw someone say in the Roblox dev forums that there is an undocumented feature that limits the rate to around 20 for a short period of time when the server first starts, but if you give it a minute or two it should be around 500.

Ohh, I think what that page is talking about making requests inside of a roblox game. Are you going to be running this code on Glitch or Roblox?

The code I pasted is run on Glitch, but I send a get request to it from Roblox, so they are talking back and forth to each other and I don’t know which one is having the limit issue.

I believe that the docs are saying that inside of a Roblox game server, hosted by Roblox, the limit is 500 requests/minute. Outside of a Roblox game server, for example, a Glitch project, the limit is probably 20-25 requests/minute.

I’d recommend contacting and asking them to rotate your server’s IP, as someone in another project could be also using the API.