Need more FAQs in the Help Center

Looking at the list of Q&A’s on the help center, I think it doesn’t cover some common(?) issues, including, but not limited to (the links go to support forum posts):


Great idea!
You should perhaps contribute to unofficial FAQ list driven by the community

Couple more things, for the record:

Hey there!
I have created a new repository for unofficial FAQ for Glitch.
Check it out here: Click Here! (feel free to add them there by opening a pull-request).

The forum post you linked already has some content, so IMHO it’d be nice to have it pinned so it gets more visible. On the other hand, googling glitch faq gives FAQs for tons of other things named glitch, so I guess having a github repo for that isn’t a great option (at least in terms of visibility).

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Do not worry, I will create website for the repository, currently I have just started it and need some contribution so it would really be helpful if you could contribute.
Furthermore, I will integrate all the enrichment to it.

Hey @chroventer and @Bubbler—what a wonderful thing to see! We’re working on something along these lines to revamp our help and FAQs long-term, but can’t tell you how amazing it is to see Glitch users who care enough about the platform to help make something like this.

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