Need some help asap

I’ve been harrassed and my website is down.
The person who took my glitch project down said this:
“you’re a bad dev bro and you’re gonna go no where with it:”
The website screams this: “This project has received too many requests, please try again later.”
And I can’t seem to fix it.
Project Name: kuteshi
This project is very important to me.

Its already back up. It probably had more requests than the Glitch project limit, i.e. 4000 in an hour.

The type of content on your site does get the attention of people who like to bring down sites, we used to call them script-kiddies :stuck_out_tongue:

Some options …

A. Do nothing, hope they get bored with no response and wander off.
B. Apply more protection on the DNS side.
C. Move to a different host which allows more requests or is more hardened against attacks.

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Oh, that’s rude! Maybe you could use Cloudflare for protection against continuous attacks and I wonder how they did those (like were they pinging the site continuously or something) so that you could protect your site according to that.

I wonder how they did those (like were they pinging the site continuously or something)

@mishavee, don’t get me wrong! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I imagine they are both developers so the spammer probably used something like XMLHttpRequest to continuously spam requests via javascript to the website.
(Also, Cloudflare is free and has DNS protection to protect from spams like that. I have my site set up with a domain, so I have my Glitch projects to go throught cloudflare (e.g.

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Much like a DoS attack…setting up Cloudflare should prevent that and I just realized that this also a kind of security breach. Especially with the 4000 requests limit (on Glitch), anyone can do such spam.

And just found out what script-kiddies means:

a person who uses existing computer scripts or codes to hack into computers, lacking the expertise to write their own.