Need to use MySQL

I love using SQLITE, but I need to develop on glitch, then host a production version of the app on heroku (for reasons beyond my control). Heroku specifically does not allow SQLITE - only MySQL or Postgres.

I’d like to develop against MySQL on Glitch mainly so I don’t have to switch SQL syntax between development and production.

I know mysqld is in the Glitch container - is there a reason why it can’t be used ? Or has anyone got it working so I can use mysql on the command line ?


Hi @dougmaloney,

Glitch support recommend connecting to an external MySQL database, due to limitations of the Glitch project container (external ports, disk, cpu, memory, uptime).

Finding an external MySQL database that allows incoming external connections can be a challenge :slight_smile:

If you’re determined to try to get it to work inside a Glitch project, here’s a starting point …

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excellent. thank you - exactly what I needed.