Need urgent help with rewinding project

I need to rewind my project for a homework that is due tomorrow, but rewinding doesn’t work at all. Error message below. Please help me out

Error rewinding: {“killed”:false,“code”:128,“signal”:null,“cmd”:“git revert -n 6ed729203e8ea4427b69f066f6d289b5539c9831…HEAD”,“stdout”:"",“stderr”:“fatal: Could not write to .git/sequencer/todo: No space left on device\n”,“task”:“Revert to previous revision”}

Try running git gc, that will clear some space. Then try rewinding again.

Running git gc gives me error below, can you tell me how to fix please?

$ git gc
fatal: unable to overwrite old ref-pack file: No space left on device
error: failed to run pack-refs

I tried to do git prune first before doing gc, but it gives me same error

If App Status is green and says Ok, then your problem was from Glitch’s API, now everything is ok and you might see it working.

Email and they will give your project a bit of extra space so you can run git prune and git gc.

Here’s a dirty trick copy your project files into /tmp (make sure to copy hidden directories like .git). There you can delete extra files and run git gc and git prune


Try putting huge files that have a huge amount of data in .data, unneeded files can be put in .gitignore.

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