Never ending rotating glitch

I have this glitch and its messing up my project, it suddenly stops working and the show button keeps on spinning. here is an example.image like this just keeps on spinning and messing up my project. Please help me!

Hey @ramoth123 this behavior often means that your project isn’t listening on the port that Glitch opens (typically port 3000, but it changes under some circumstances - process.env.PORT will always reflect the current one as long as you’re not overriding it). This sample express config shows one way of handling that.

If that’s not the case in your project can you please share the project name and someone will take a closer look?

My project is private, but if i can get someone’s discord so i can send link there, then they can take a look

If your project is private, no one aside from folks you explicitly invite and a few Glitch staff will see your code (in part so we can help with problems like this), so you can safely provide your project name here. However, you’re also welcome to send a message to the @support_staff group or to me, or to send an email to with your project details.

if i do the @ support_staff tag, will it only send the link to only you 6 poeple

Yep. If you PM any one of us we’ll invite that same group, and all of those folks can also see the mailbox.

well, here, please if you can fix it, then do it please. <omitted> @glitch_support this only shows for staff right, no one else

If you want to keep it private you’d need to send us a message instead of posting it here, but I’ve removed the sensitive details, so no worries!

it looks to me like someone removed these lines from your index.js a couple of days ago:

const listener = app.listen(process.env.PORT, function() {
  console.log('Your app is listening on port ' + listener.address().port);

That’s the part that was creating the listener, exposing the webpage at the project’s public URL, and stopping the continual restarting. If you put that back you should be all set.

Happy Glitching!

Oh yeah i had to remove it to add something but i deleted it so i can have that line now, thanks for the help and quick response. It works now

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