New Account Project Limit?

Okay so we’re teaching a class to students who are just learning to code for the first time, and all of a sudden in day 2 of class, I’m hitting a new issue:

image (2)

^This is especially frustrating because we planned our whole class around Glitch. I saw the other thread from 2019 about how Glitch will take action against accounts creating too many projects in quick succession, but our students are really only making like 1-2 projects per day, and that doesn’t seem like it should be too many.

Does anyone know more specifics on these limits? We could maybe plan around them if we knew precisely what they are, but I can’t seem to find documentation of them.

Can we get them adjusted so that the very reasonable volume of ~2 projects per day is still possible for our first-week students?



By default, new accounts need to wait for 72 hours to create more projects.

Hi there - that definitely should not be happening with just 2 projects. Can you email with name of the accounts hitting this limit so we can take a look? We can also remove those limits for your students.


Thanks @jenn, we’re past the time window now, so students are able to create new projects again, and it seems like the worst has passed.

That said, I still do think that teachers generally would be helped if the project limit could be raised just a bit. We hit the limit after about 1.5 days of instruction (~2 projects per day, plus some students did a “save point” remix on day 1), and so even though we only explicitly required students to create 5 projects in those first two days, some of them hit the limit sooner because of after-class exploration they did.


I’m glad all is well now, and I understand the frustration with these limits! We put them in place to minimize the spam and phishing that new accounts were creating. Those limits have had a good impact on combating such abuse, but we have started discussion how we can continue that without stifling app creation by users like your students.

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