New and can't use my custom domain yet?


i’m really new to glitch and I want to publish my site on the domain name I purchased elsewhere, but it says I have to be thanked in order to do this - is someone able to help?

(embarrassingly i cannot answer the questions on here because i’ve never really coded/used glitch before!)

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I have the same issue. I’ve been thanked once, at least. Another would be appreciated. Happy Yule!

Hi, I can thank you but I don’t know how to do it, do you know how?

@shafcf Go on someone’s project, go to the source code, click the their profile picture on the top left, then click the thanks button

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Althought that’s considered as cheating here on Glitch, there is a way to add custom domains without requiring thanks and here’s how you do it:

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Hi, thanks but i can’t get past the first step … (not sure what a “Hello Express” project is is) it much simpler if you do it the standard way on here?

Yup, but you need two thanks. The above mentioned method is for if you have no thanks!

That’s not needed, just ignore that line!

Ah okay I have an issue in that I have no admin rights to my computer so I can’t do that method :frowning:

are you able to help at all in any other way?

Okay, so the only other way would be to get 2 thanks from people. And to get thanks, you need to help someone in the Support Forums (by directly helping in the project) or in the site.

Yeah i can’t help anyone (not really good at this, someone basically built my site for me !)

i’ve just followed all the instructions luckily the terminal part worked however it hasn’t worked :frowning: i’ll ask for help on that thread

I’m not sure that’s cheating if it tells you when you’re in the custom domain spot in the project, when you have 2 or fewer “Thanks”

No disrespect,

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Haha, :smile: :joy: I agree with you! But the thanks feature was not meant to be misused either!!!

Haha, guess that’s true as well