New and improved project sharing controls for Glitch subscribers!

No. They can reach


Just write project name to search, and view code

Then change your project name to something nobody will find, and add your custom domain. You can get a custom domain for free via freenom.

They can even find my project name with a bot or something else. Also you’re saying custom domain but we are coding discord bots too, not just website dude

But how would people find your project from a discord bot? Its impossible to find where a discord bot is hosted.

A bot would never be able to find a name like

It’s still public even if has a good name, private projects are the best for secure

But how can someone find your project if it has a gibberish name? Create an account that nobody will find.

If you are coding a Discord bot on Glitch wouldn’t you be a member anyway to keep it online? I don’t see why this is an issue…