New Buttons on Glitch


I have some new buttons on my glitch project and they are covering my current scripts. image

Glitch project: zettabyte


Hi @efewqefwfd, yes you’ve caught us releasing new stuff!

As you’ve noted we released a few changes to the organization of tools in the editor. As we’ve added new options, the Project Name menu’s gotten a little crowded, so we moved the tools to the bottom of the editor screen and rearranged the tools within it in a way that we think is more logical.

It looks like you’re seeing that the new Tools location interferes a little with the last file in longer file lists. From my perspective it looks like folks can still get to that last file without too much difficulty when it’s hidden, and by scrolling the file list a bit you can read the filename, but I’ll let the rest of the team know about this difficulty. We’re also working on some other file list changes that might help with this that I think will be ready in the not-too-distant future.

As a reminder, even if you’re turned off new stuff updates in the editor, you can always see what new stuff we’ve recently rolled out from the New Stuff button under the Glitch Fish menu as shown below.


i also had this issue with my file list, i have a discord bot with alot of commands, i think a great solution would be to limit the height of the file list to just above the tools button space, thus preventing it from hiding the files list and both still being fully accessible. also another issue i have with the tools button, once i click, for instance, the logs button, the tools box stays in place, i think it would be better for it to auto close itself once a button inside of it was pressed.


Hey @Damagedhead we already have work underway to improve some of these aspects of the new tools location. I expect some revisions in the next few days.


I would also like my logs button at the top as I like it there as it’s more accessible.


Further updates at A Tools Box for Tools.


I had this issue too. All i did was create a file named “z.txt” and that took up the spot of the last file. That made it easier