New Category - Bug Reports

I think that this forum needs a category just for bug reports. #feedback can be used for a wide variety of things such as commenting on glitch and reporting bugs. Having a bug report category would make the forum easier to use if a staff member needed to read through all of the bugs.

I’m just gonna report a bug here cause upon several searches and poking around I can’t find anything.

What’s the issue?

Find and replace dialog popup is not closable in Chrome 89 when the shortcut is used while the dialog is already open.

How can we reproduce this bug?

Open editor on MacOS with Chrome 89 and use the Command+Option+Shift+F hotkey (which is quite a hotkey by the way) to open the Replace All dialog.

While it’s open use that same hotkey again.

Attempt to close the dialog with the close button.

Dialog doesn’t close.

#feedback #bug

hi, bug reports go in the #feedback category!

however you could send the bug report to