New Category: Work In Progress

I want a new category called “Work in progress” where people could show off their ideas and build it together.

Additional features
Every new topic is assigned with a list, and a button. The button says “assign” and if you click it, you add yourself to the list, basically like a contributors list. And the topic owner could remove anyone from the list!

How could it help
It could help people get more contributors to their project – therefore teamwork & collaboration! And also the contributors could help to shape the project, no idea why but here it is.

The problem with this is that these threads would probably get a lot of posts, which we don’t really want, and could attract people who want to say "Hi everyone! Can you do all this code for me?", which is not what this forum is for. This forum is for getting help with coding, using Glitch or showing off Glitch projects, not gathering collaborators.
It is difficult to get instant help now that putting up your hand isn’t a thing, but there are plenty of other platforms where you can get people to work with you, who are probably more willing than people on this platform.
Sorry for shooting this idea down, but someone had to!


I read the glitch post somewhere and they say they will not accept work in progress anymore.

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you make lots of the types of posts like this and they look to make the forum mesy

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sorry the bump.
but i think it will be of lots of coding on the forum to of add that feature

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