New Console Options!

New console options are headed your way!

We’re releasing a new version of the Glitch console that’s gradually rolling out to all projects. Once your project has the new console you’ll see an Options link in the upper left-hand corner of the console that will allow you to set things like font style and size to your liking, as well as controlling colors for the console background and text.

Since we’re using a console that’s based on xterm.js, the available settings can be found on the xterm.js site: Options and Theme.

This release will roll out to projects over the next few hours, and during that time some projects may have trouble with their consoles until their next restart (within 12 hours). If you’re seeing that, you can use the Glitch API to restart your project to pick up the changes and return your console to working order with these steps:

  1. Get your user token by running JSON.parse(window.localStorage.cachedUser).persistentToken in your browser’s developer tools console from any Glitch Editor page.
  2. Running curl -X POST{project-name}/stop?authorization={user-token} in any handy command line, replacing {project-name} with your project’s “domain” (the part before “”) and {user-token} with the user token you retrieved in the previous step.
  3. Refresh your browser window to reload your project, which should now have the new console.

Sorry for the bother, and we hope you find the new console options as useful as we do!


Nice, glad to know that was why the console would have timed out that one time most likely, first time I saw this in the console, tried changing font instantly and it messed up but was funny.

BIG YES!! Working terminal on mobiles! Finally! Thanks, Glitch team


@cori what is Glitch Editor page?
This has happened to me but I’m not sure how to undo the problems as I am pretty bad

Glitch :・゚✧ is my project btw

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Hey @Hego1234, the page that you get to at the other end of the link you provided is a Glitch Editor page, so if you open your browser’s developer tools from that page the rest of the steps should work. Let us know if you continue to have difficulties!

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@cori must I have a pc for that?

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you can open your browsers developer tools on mac or pc, here’s instructions for how to do it in chrome

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@pketh there’s my problem. I use iPad and don’t have pc


e p i c

Now all we need is support for mobile browsers.

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I didn’t make a point of that, but the new console should work on mobile as others have pointed out. It works on iPad in my brief testing, although there are a few little issues that we’re still working on.

Oh, half of the time I forget to read all of the posts.

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@Hego1234, arg ya mobile life. what kind of changes were you looking to make to the console? I’m working on some new defaults now (mostly aesthetic I think) and if they’d be useful to everyone I can roll them into the default

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Hey @Hego1234 are you still having trouble? I may have misinterpreted what you were asking about, but any problems with disconnected console should have resolved themselves without your intervention by now.

Sorry again for any inconvenience!

Maybe add a “Reset defaults” option!

We’re definitely thinking of ways to manage this better. One problem is that under some broken circumstances you can’t access anything in the console, so a button won’t necessarily be accessible. Fortunately not too many folks have run into this so far.

I had to do some major digging to find out that the terminal is using Xterm.js.

For discoverability purposes, a comment on the first lines of the terminal configuration file that links to Xterm documentation would be great.

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