[NEW] Dizzybots Site - The future of Discord Bot Lists

I have created a bot list and would like, if possible, for people to test it out.
If you want to help out, shoot me a PM/Reply, or just DM me on discord at Caleb#1119.
The bot is hosted via glitch, and the site via repl.
Please tell me what you think of it. If you want to test the restricted areas, shoot me a Pm or a DM( prefered).
Bot list : https://botlist.rankme.xyz/

If I could get a tester, I would be thankful.
Note, this is NOT an advertisement, I’m simply asking for feedback

Hey @RobloServices, just because off-topic comments were posted on other threads, does not mean you can create duplicate threads. I’ll be asking Glitch Staff to close the other threads, you can continue on this thread.


Is this hosted on glitch?

Read this.

Still in need of assistance.