New Educational Resources Site!

UPDATE 9/3/20: Agiliro now has Covid stats! Check it out at

UPDATE 9/1/20: Agiliro now has games! Check it out at

Project URL:

Agiliro is the site to get Educational Resources. It is funded by sponsors, (Shoutout to @youngchief_btw ) and Patreons. As of 8/30/20, we are looking for staff to make sure all content submitted. Please reach out to or to apply.

As of right now, all money is being donated to help get rid of Covid-19.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to email with your suggestions.

To become a sponsor, just email and we can get that setup!

The reason that I am posting this on Glitch is because all of Agiliro (besides the 4 cdns) are hosted with Glitch (Thank you so much glitch).


This is a mega thread?

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Also, two of the three worksheets that I found seemed to be ripped from

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They were submitted by a user, and yes, this will be a mega thread.

The worksheet is OK if it is ripped, as long as it gives credit.

Will? I don’t think It is good to misinform on titles.

Also, Glitch will now start locking threads of they get too crazy (like Glitchord’s) or you are just providing updates on your app.

Edit: No, Glitch will not lick your threads.


As this is not a mega-thread yet I will remove that from the title for now.


Also what was “Most purchased” mean? Most downloaded?
This also does not have any education levels.

I think this would be great, but it still needs a little bit more work.
(Also Freenom domains could be considered malware)


kk. Thanks!

Still working on it, want to join the team. (Official domain comming soon)


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Just email and I would be glad to take in a support ticket.


I accidentally said “lick” instead of “lock”

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ok! Let’s hope this thread won’t get “licked” because of off-topicness XD

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That was quite funny! I googled “lick a thread” because I assumed it was some new forum lingo I was unaware of.

Anyway, yes we want to avoid “megathreads” whenever possible.


Haha! I can’t imagine what the search results were :joy:

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Good thing i can.


ah ok. Sorry, I can remove if needed.

ahh yes thank you for a website that doesn’t earn money using ads/trackers/cryptomining. The use of peer to peer web hosting is nice. The theme and design of the website also looks original and acceptable for a study website.

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