New Educational Resources Site!

@no_one I think the owner of the agiliro can only decide of the ad when it get show. Maybe owner put your add for 1 day or more. You might also have to of pay the money of the ad.

Btw, the style for the ad page is broken. And i have to pay money!? I mean… yeah, what would i expect XD
And also, the owner of the ad should decide when the ad shows up, because… he can.

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So, do we have to pay for ads?

That’s how advertisements usually works, if you want to advertise somewhere, you gotta give 'em money.


Then we shall ping the owner!



To preserve his privacy and mine, I won’t say it but I will tell you we are both in school.
If you want to continue discussing the ads DM me.

i dont see how & why this was flagged. no body seems toi be using it and thats the truths

@glitch_support can we close this?

Because this is getting very off topic.

Just don’t want people to be so off topic.

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You can close it. I kindly ask all of you to move this to somewhere on

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