New features ideas

I’m new, but I love glitch …
And because I’ve made the same kind of thing, for me only (but no social things and python only) (i’d like to release it on my github : named “pye” … but it’s not ready for masses). I’d like to suggest my ideas:

  • You seems to use CodeMirror. But you should use AceEditor … to have intellisense, better syntax color, ability to search/replace while editing, etc … etc …
  • Some shortcuts are weirds : ALT+LEFT should go at the beginning of the line, ALT+RIGHT should got at the end of line (It’s the MAIN problem for me (with a chromebook/notebook))
  • ability to save a folder (or the entire FS) as a ZIP, to export its works
  • ability to import a zip, and extract it on FS : to import its works (and folder tree)… or at least : ability to d’n’d upload to any folder (not assets only !)
  • ability to remap some shortcuts in the editor (ex: comment block, delete/duplicate line, …)

Hi @manatlan thanks for the suggestions! I can’t commit to us working on any of these in specific; we do have some plans around more Editor customization in some form but we’re still deciding what those might look like or when we might get to them.