New File Glitch

If you create a new file and accidentally have a (single quote) at the end, then it will not delete no matter what you try.

If your filename doesn’t contain other weird characters (e.g. parens, backticks or question marks), try this on the Glitch console:

rm "abc'"


rm abc\'

where abc' is the filename to delete.


@Bubbler This is a great solution, thank you for sharing it!! Also for those out there who (like me) get confused about the sometimes-mismatch between files present in the editor and files visibly present in the console, remember to run refresh in the console! (This one has gotten me stuck before for longer than I’d like to admit haha)

Hey @AceFlame and @Bubbler, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I can reproduce this problem and I’ve passed it along to the rest of the team; thanks for the report!

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Thank you so much, it worked! That kept bugging me.

Awesome! Thanks, I hope it gets fixed.