New Files Created get Automatically Deleted

Hi, I am trying to add a .json file to my project, but I am unable to do so. As and when I make a new file, the editor shows ‘reconnecting’ and deletes the file. I have used about 62% of my disk space - 124/199 MB. I currently have 12 other .json files in my project (14 if you consider package.json and watch.json). Any Ideas?

running du -hd1 reveals that I am out of storage space, most likely due to the regular backing up of files. I searched for a solution here and it seems like I will have to add it to my .gitignore file, but to do so I will need extra storage space since It is already full.

du -hd1
4.0K    ./public
3.0K    ./views
1.0K    ./.data
123M    ./.git
4.0K    ./.config

Fixed by deleting entire git folder since I wasn’t using it anyways.
rm -rf ./.git

Hey @TheArmKing! By deleting your .git directory, you won’t have access to Glitch’s Rewind feature — if you’re not using this, that’s cool, but if you want it back, you can try running git init in the project terminal.

If you do so, I’d recommend the following:

  1. add files that take up a lot of space to a .gitignore file
  2. move database files that get rewritten often to the .data directory

Hope this helps!