🆕 New glitch.com site just dropped, with 2 new starters to try out!

Today is a big day for the Glitch community, but also for the whole web! Apple’s WWDC announcements indicated a huge shift toward making the web both more open and more accessible for all – that’s a big deal!

We love all things open, so to celebrate this announcement, the Glitch team has created two new starters for you to try out:

  • ~hello-installable: a basic web app, or progressive web app (PWA) starter that includes everything you need to build apps you can download on your phone, without the app store — including push support
  • ~push-sender: a free and open push server that’s easy to set up and plug into your new app!

If you build a PWA, let us know about it so we can feature it! Your app might even show up on glitch.com, which you should take a look at today if you haven’t in a while.

We’re mostly excited because we love to see progress in all of the different areas of tech that make up our web experience, whether it’s mobile support, virtual or augmented reality, or testing the limits of computing with edge technologies. Our community is here for it, and we’re here for you!

Read Jesse von Doom’s impressions of today’s Apple announcements on the blog, and share your thoughts below!




oh my god they added the visibility: hidden :raised_hands:


lololol end of an era

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Looks great! Can’t wait to see what people can make using the new starters


Wow this is great! Just checked out the new Glitch website, but it doesn’t say what Glitch is right in the start of the page, something that might be confusing to new users.

ps: firefox, when?

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Hmm, good point.

However, the site is not that long so it says it at the bottom, and also in the browser tab, and also in the very bottom corner. I think there are enough context clues here that folks understand it’s a place to experiment with code and/or web projects. But thanks for the feedback, keep it coming!!


going to say, I chuckled a bit at the part about the web, because of how they put “new JS Set methods”

Surprising how something as simple as a set changes over time, though I can’t find any reference better compatibility in the docs,

avif is exciting, because that means my art website will load all it’s images faster with no extra work needed from the user, and only a little work from me because of the magic of eleventy-img.
also what “fullscreen api”? pretty sure that already existed in webkit?


Yeah, I also watched the WWDC, although only the intro and some recaps because I didn’t have much time.

I had problems with that when testing a small game I made on Safari, I noticed it didn’t support fullscreen. Thought I’m not sure if I was using an old version, but I found a discussion on the Apple forum that confirmed they didn’t implement it before the keynote.

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Looks great! Few remarks though:

  • As @_tr pointed out, the sudden jump to “What do you want to make today?” could be a bit confusing. Perhaps you can show the “Glitch is the friendly place…” screen to users who aren’t signed in, and then move it back to the bottom when they are logged in.

  • Something small, but the “Fira Code” monospace font on these buttons is pretty off-putting as it doesn’t match with anything on the site. I recommend just switching to a Sans-based font face.


Thanks Will! I’ll share this feedback with the team. :smiling_face:

What I’m reading is more or less a mobile app starter and then a mobile data sender I could be way way wrong.