New idea for servers

I think there should be different types of servers:

  • Bot Server - This server is for discord bots only. See next server type below for explanation. Also consolidates having to recycle IP to 1 server instead of many.

  • pure server: no bots allowed. This fixes issues where you are unable to connect to the mongodb database because the whitelisted IP has changed due to discord bot bans

  • Member server: Member server enough said.

  • Member Bot server?: Member server that allows bots.

TLDR: Have different servers that are designed to accommodate bots, non-bots and members instead of asking for more resources for free. Resources are unfortunately finite and if Glitch were to just give stuff away they would more then likely go broke.

glitch said they wont make a discord server

Seems like a good idea, if any a discord bot package gets installed, the project should be sent to a bot server.

This has nothing to do with discord servers.

but the op said

Bot Server

Yes, as these kind of servers:



i get it now

wait, glitch has that?

But to be a bit more specific, Glitch uses Amazon to host projects, so they don’t operate the servers themselves.

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@anon70439135 That’s a shame, bots tend to use up more resources then regular sites but it depends. Also having to whitelist the server IP every day is annoying. When i said server i mean’t physical, cloud, vps, aws, google, azure etc.

@RiversideRocks They could easily have different servers like they have now with different designations, nothing special. For example they could easily spin up a aws ec instance and only allow members who request to be moved to the member server.

Seems like a good idea, if any a discord bot package gets installed, the project should be sent to a bot server.

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The tldr is longer than just reading it.

Also. I have seen some post related to this. But the problem is not the server. Each project is a VM. So this wouldn’t change the situation.

If that is the case then why doesn’t every VM have it’s own separate IP? When you spin up a vm on digital ocean, you get your own IP for free as part of the cost of the VM. Adding more resources, making bots run 24/7 or recycling IP’s aren’t going to fix anything… :wink:

Every project is a “container” which is a project inside a VM.

That doesn’t explain why each container/vm can’t have it’s own IP like digital ocean does.

Digital ocean gives you an entire server.

bot server would make it so an annoying person can get more bots banned at a time. You’ll be guarantteed to get a bot banned unlike current.
Unless your server is dedicated and isn’t a VPS, your server is just a server in a server and you’ll have to share an ip. Discord bot bans and stuff usually don’t happen because of money and credit card verification

You can add to whitelist all ips so your container can connect no matter what :slight_smile:

People think that glitch is a massive company that can do all this stuff that vps’s such as Digital Ocean or Vultr but, that is not the case. It is not easy hosting thousands of discord bots or websites 24/7 with little income. And any one eho ever used it would know, AWS is not cheap.