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hi! i’m a beginner in pretty much every coding language, but i’m at a 24-hour hackathon in a team with beginners as well. we’re designing a recipe website book in html, but we can’t figure out how to add a link to a new page in the code. we have the website main page and the recipe page designed in separate files, and we want to click a button on the main page that opens the recipe page. does that make sense? sorry, we’re all very new to coding! any pointers would be amazing.

Hey @skittles835,

You could add a hyperlink that could take you to the ‘Recipe’ page. Something like this:

<a href = "recipe.html"><p>Recipe</p></a>

Make sure to change recipe.html to the file name of your recipe page.

Hope this helps!

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thank u so much, we got it to work! love u good night