New PC, Forgot github details


So, I got a new PC as I broke my other one, and I have multiple github accouns for different things.

Set up the PC, Went to glitch and I realised I signed up using Github and not my email.

Headed other to Github to sign in, only to realise i’ve completely forgotten my username & email to that account, meaning I can’t get into my other glitch account to edit all my projects.

I did not back them up.

Any help?


I remember my main project’s URL being but, obviously, I can’t see the code inside. Thats the only project I really cared about.


Hey @Scott_1, welcome to the Glitch forum!

We can certainly try to sort out a way for you to verify your ownership of the other Glitch account and get you access to whatever project’s you’re missing, but for this project in particular the project is public, so if you go to you should be able to Remix that project to get the code that’s in there.

Does that get you what you need?


Hey @Scott_1,

Another thing to add to Cori’s message, is the account that the project is linked to is
Hope that helps in anyway!