New simple slack bot not working :(

Hey guys! I’m kind of a coding noob trying to figure out how to build a simple slack app where people can answer a simple form and get the answers posted to a slack channel…

Basically I built the modal on a slack API where and followed a slack tutorial that helps create a simple bot where you can post a thank you note on a channel, it opens a popup on slack with a plain_text box.
This is the tutorial -> (

The problem is, since I’m introducing more than just a plain_text submission (multi_users_select and static_select) the python code on my glitch server probably needs changes that I don’t know how to do…

Can anyone help me pleaseee?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nobody is a noob around here, but the only exception is me.

I can confirm

also, i’ll help @KhalilAlzeben dm me an invite by clicking my username -> message.

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