New subscription plan: "I need no sleep" - only provides Always On for a number of selected projects

I’ve been a Glitch user for quite some time, and one of the things that is always on my mind is the fact that there is no paid option to just provide Always On for a project.

The current Glitch Membership provides extra memory, disk space, no rate limits and Always On for 5 apps, for the price of 10$ - which in my opinion is a good deal, taking into account how much effort this platform has put and continues to put into providing good service.
For users that only want their project to not go to sleep however, it is kind of an overpayment. Sure, you get all those extra nice perks, but what if you do not need them?

As an example, I have a project that currently stays at these usage parameters, and I do not foresee any of them rising for a long time:

The only thing that I’d need for it would be Always On, as it is a Discord BOT that I am currently using my Project Hours to keep alive, and I am sure there are others in my situation.

So, why not provide a new subscription plan that would only grant the Always On feature for a number of projects for users that do not currently need the extra memory, disk space and the unlimited rate limit feature? It would be super helpful for people that are planning to develop a small BOT and if their app starts to increase in usage, they can always opt for the existing membership.

PS: I am pretty sure the idea could be tweaked, the essence is the option to choose different subscription plans.

Or a mix ‘n’ pick plan, where you can choose what all features you want and pay accordingly.


That would be more intuitive and hopefully the way that things will get to be in the future; this suggestions merely opens the path for something like that.

For now though, I think the Always On is the most desired feature!

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If like 2 million people (or even half) would use that subscription, imagine how slow will the website be.

I don’t see how it would be different from 2 million people using the current subscription? It would still be a paid service that would provide Glitch with funds to keep the website running.

I am not talking of projects not going to sleep after 12 hours (as all of them do anyway), I am talking about the same feature the normal subscription offers, but without the rest of the features.

As for the remark about different exchange rates, I don’t see what does that have to do with anything. A paid feature is a paid feature, regardless of the currency it comes in.


I said that the website would be slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww


This would be fine as this user reccomended paying for awake projects.

I agree with OP, an a la carte system for plans would be great.


It’s not as if Glitch is going to use the same number of AWS EC2 instances; every time the number of projects increase, the numbers of servers increase and the subscription plans help in keeping up with the cost.


Because they are trying to save money which they can use to build a better platform for all


Better platform includes better speed and performance


That’s because pinging cause more issues than keeping projects online as no requests would be made. @ihack2712 explained why this is the case here: An update on pinging services + Glitch - #47


that message you linked to reads as purely speculative. did Glitch ever mention that the strain was on the router? everything I’ve seen suggests it is about the project being online rather than about the requests: the limit on 20 running projects, the new limit on project hours, the fact that they never reduced the 4,000 requests per hour quota.

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I think we are getting a little off-topic here.

What I am suggesting is a paid feature that would resemble an app boost, but would only provide the Always On function. I don’t see how a paid feature would add more strain compared to the already existing subscription: the Glitch Membership and the boosted apps, which are always online.

The limits you are talking about were established for unboosted projects. Glitch Members are able to go beyond those limitations for a number of projects, the rate limit especially being removed for all their projects.


By router, do you mean the sever? And btw, stress on the servers was never the problem, the cost was. It is expensive to use AWS, especially when you are hosting for 500K+ people.

I totally agree with you. But, Glitch should’ve thought of this a while ago. The always-on feature has been on projects since 2019, but never used. (I was here in 2018 but don’t remember if it existed) Also, this would not put stress on the servers. Glitch probably knew that there was going to be a rush of people buying boosted projects because of the ban. So most likely they bought better servers to work with that stress.