New Upgrade/Plan: 24/7 project uptime, nothing else

So I was recently reading through the forums here - specifically due to the current situation where pinging services are disabled temporarily. Don’t get me wrong, I can very much understand this and the need to do so. I use Glitch to host a privately owned Discord bot that is part of only a single Discord server and I don’t want it anywhere else. It’s a private project for my private community. The bot barely uses any resources.

It does seem like Discord bot hosters aren’t very popular among the Glitch community, for understandable reasons.

The suggestion
Personally, I want to support Glitch, I want to pay for the project I have running here. But, with the very few resources that my project uses (all percentages at around 5% or less), I feel like having an “Upgrade” for all those is simply unnecessary.

What I’m looking for is a Pricing Package that lets me pay for a 24/7 uptime on my project, nothing else. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind if it’s just limited to a single project if that gives the end-user even more variety in how much they pay - so it’s a fair price. I would gladly pay for that, though obviously less than the current priced packages. I’m a student, it’s tough, running a business like this is tough, but I would love to be able to pay for what I use. I just feel like the current paymet option is just way above my head and what I actually use it for.

I look forward to your opinions! :slight_smile:


This post would be better as a #feedback!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think this is a good idea. I would like this!


Totally support this post. I asked for similar in this thread and didn’t find support. It’s almost like i am asking to take my money for what was previously free (maybe not intentionally free, but still). For the same $8-10 it’s much better to rent a VPS with Windows system. Someone maid a point that it’s easier to edit projects with glitch which is indeed a huge plus, but let’s be honest the glitch editor nowhere good and you don’t really need to make edits everyday. Many glitch users already have finished projects and rarely edit them to fix errors. There also another problem with discord banning glitch projects for almost a year, there are huge mega-thread on the forum about it. And glitch itself wasn’t so reliable even before all recent problems, just look at past incidents on, there always some problems 2-3 times a month. So what i’m trying to say is that glitch asking too much for the upgrade. For someone who needs stability it’s no go. If i wasn’t so lame i would’ve just bought Linux VPS for $2-3.


I’m glad to see more people interested in this idea. :slight_smile:


Awsome! I love it!!! Personally I do not make discord bots but totally agree!!

I agree, but we should also have a package to boost one of our apps for a lower price.

And can’t someone make a pinging service for their bots that pings every second?

It is Not a bad idea maybe this can Be a Very cheap Option or i can be part of a Boosted PLUS Plan where you can get More Processing POWER or can Boost More projects and this can be a Option you can Enable On Specific amount of projects

You only need to ping your apps once every 5 minutes. If you pinged your app once every second, it would overload your project, and it would probably be considerated a DDoS attack.


True 5 minutes is all you need
You can Use a windows Script to Wake it Up But you will need a spare Laptop
or you know how to code a App on your Phone Make an App that Runs in the background that pings your app

With the ToS of Glitch being changed, a suggestion like this is more relevant than ever before. The current Boost plan is way too expensive and offers way too many features for what I personally (and seemingly many others) need. I would love to talk more about this and get to a possible solution, perhaps a “Boost Lite” as described in the main post of this suggestion. :slight_smile:

That sounds Great
Boost Lite
Unlimited uptime and you get a little less extra processing Power then Normal Boost users
and maybe just a STAY UP Plan that would cost like $0.20 Every month or something which you can Toggle 4 projects To Stay Up all the Time