NHM - markdown editor but data is in URL

There’s FWP for making markdown sites and pastedown for making markdown like pastes. Theres also a thing called itty.bitty.site where instead of storing the data in the server the data is in the URL. So i thought of ‘combining’ these three:

Project URL: nhmark.glitch.me
Source code: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/nhmark

Uses parsedown to show markdown!

3 Markdown editors in a week! Wow!



I actually like this! But:
The buttons are connected to each other. Also, this part:

usually goes at the bottom or on another page.

Also, what markdown parser do you use?

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Probably markdown-it :smiley:

to make it like the others

This is in PHP most likely.


Did you use composer or just download the file?

Copy everything from the git repo in parsedown.php - oh ill give credit to parsedown

You seem to already have Composer hooked up (vendor/autoload.php), all you would have to to is install Parsedown from composer

composer require erusev/parsedown

like I did

Also i’m not familiar with composer, but i’ll try

Edit: it worked!

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It does that on the first time

It should stop in less than 30 seconds (as I’ve installed parsedown twice: parsedown, then parsedown-extra)


There needs to be a composer alternative.

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