Nice issue glitch


its… the dark mode glitch…


What I would like to know, is how the waking up page showed up in Discord. :thinking:


messed up embed?

I think it’s the ‘User has joined the server’ code-generated image (like TheRadBot), but the question is, how did the waking up screen be the image? This seems like a bug for @glitch_support.

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Hi @SplitXPlayZ,

I’m not quite sure I understand what you are trying to do here. That doesn’t look like a standard Glitch embed. If you’re fetching the page content from your Glitch app to include, then that is what you’ll find when the app is just starting.

Have you tried using the standard Glitch embed code for this page?

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Into the darkness, where it’s deep.

It’s maybe a bug, where the images are sometimes saying the wake-up stuff. Weirdest bug.