No longer 24/7 hosting?

I recently noticed glitch added a feature called project hours. From what i understand now we can host our bot for only 1000 hours a month. Did i miss anything? Is this the end of free 24/7 hosting on glitch? (im talking about hello-express projects.)

Free 24/7 non-static hosting is indeed no longer possible on Glitch.
I’d recommend upgrading to a Glitch Membership, as you will be able to boost your projects and not be limited by the uptime & hour limits.


Thats really upsetting. I think i will look for an alternative host. Thank you.

you can use a vps or heroku

I am just noticing, a month is 730 hours long. So in theory 24/7 hosting should be possible since they give you 1000 hours per month

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but your other projects might affect the 10,000 hours. @Phoenix

wait, is it 1000 hours per project or 1000 hours at total

@Phoenix 1000 hours in total