No More Space Left On Device

When trying to install express it keeps throwing back that there is no more space left on the device. I am guessing that the glitch server ran out of storage which is an issue for all of us.

Each project has its own storage limit, so the server running out of space is probably not the issue. It is more likely that your project has somehow used up all its allotted space. One cause of this is from git tracking all of the changes made to binary files. For example, if there is a *.sqlite file created in a location other than .data/.

If you share you project name we can investigate and help figure out why you are getting this error.

To get at least some space back on your project so it functions properly again, run git prune and git gc . Then remove any unused or unnecessary files from your project.

Is there is any system limitation for the project? Where I can found it?

Hey @dotku, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Take a look at our technical restrictions , which might have what you’re looking for!