No rate limits? None shown in project status

So you know how Glitch has the rate limits? It appears as though you don’t see them in project status. No window at all which says “Rate Limit: 4000req per hour”. Is this a bug or intentional from banning ping services that Glitch can now handle more requests?

It also appears that my project doesn’t go to sleep at 5 minutes.

I believe that projects can still get rate limited, I found that with a project somebody posted on the forum.

Probably from auto pinger detection system. I’m talking about when request timing is spreed apart (when auto ping detection systems doesn’t go off.)

It’s probaly still in effect otherwise someone would abuse it, and it’s the main reason why my social media run on glitch is probaly going to destroy itself to the rate limit.

yeah, i had to turn off ‘refresh on changes’ because BAM! rate limited

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Yeah streamnotifier has a lot of requests when the people with a lot of followers are going live and the bot is subscribed to them (e.g. Pokimane). So I hit the request limit pretty often, I stop listening to Pokimane’s events a bit after she goes live otherwise I can’t continue working on the bot and the website.

I should count how many requests are received/sent with the server. That would be instructive. But I think the request limit still stands even if it’s not visible.

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My project wouldn’t refresh on reload for some reason even turning on and off didn’t work it just refreshed once