No response even app started

I can see the console output “App listening on port 3000!”

However, when I visit the site, the request is timeout and shown Site didn't respond. But I see no error in the console and the app runs find in my local.

Thanks for any help!

Hi kirosc, welcome!

When I remix and run your project, in the logs, the husky install completes successfully, but then I get this error:


Does that mean anything to you?

Ah ok, I just figured out that that’s the bot token, and mine is empty in .env… sorry, that’s not much use to you :slight_smile:

Is your local version of Node greater or equal to v12.9.0?

I have not been able to test it, because a remix will produce the error SteGriff posted, but I think the cause is a combination of your project on Glitch running on Node v12.0.0, and the code bot.handleUpdate(req.body, res) in dist/src/app.js.

When looking at the source code for handleUpdate, it looks like it relies on response.writableEnded. However, writableEnded was first added in Node v12.9.0.

Try upgrading to Node v14 on Glitch to see if that fixes the problem.