No TypeScript language support in VS Code extension

I’m not getting any typescript language feaures in VS Code when I work on a ts project in the Glitch plugin.

TS stuff works perfectly when editing local code files, but when using the Glitch plugin to remotely edit a ts file in a Glitch app:

  • do not get TS/TSLint errors
  • do not get intellisense hinting or code completion

The one TS language feature I do get is that VS Code complains that it can’t find any of my packages, even though they are installed. Seems like maybe it’s ignoring node_modules?

i would suggest doing a global install of typescript items in the root of your pc ( / or C:/ maybe even D:/ if your OS is on a cd) using

npm i -g PKG_NAME

that should let glitch know that you mean business when it comes to having packages installed and treats the global package as a 2 way gate… which i find the vs code extension, does not like very much

I agree that that might fix the issue, but I’m not globally installing these packages just to fix that. The issue seems to be a bug in the Glitch extension where it’s not recognizing that the packages are installed on the VM my app is running on.

The issue tracker for Glitch’s vscode extension is here: