No way to thank, star or upvote a project?


So I love the thanks/help system glitch has, and having read Gareths article about giving thanking in the tech community I thought it was weird there was no way I can share some love to the creators of projects I like. If Glitch at least had something similiar to Githubs star feature maybe I could give some creators on Glitch the idea that people appreciate/like their projects. I have seen a lot of cool projects on Glitch and I wish there was a Cool! button somewhere next to the add to collection button or something to show that I like what the creator has done. I am curious to see the response of the Glitch devs on this topic.



We’re keen to enable a way for folks to provide positive feedback like this to creators. However, we also want to avoid adding a metric that’s gamified or introduces a vector for abuse. We’re researching ways for users to thank and express joy for others that doesn’t turn into just another points system.