Node app project structure issue


If we import this node app,, by first importing,, and then deleting the folders, Php/anytext, NodeJs/anytext, & NodeJs/sametext, how do we access the app? If we run the app on localhost, we can access the app at localhost:3000. What changes do we need to make on glitch? We appreciate the cooperation of forum members.

You should just be able to click the “show” button and view your project. Glitch’s default port is 3000, so this app should run fine.

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Clicking the show button does not work. You may try it.

Can you describe what happens when you press it?

Probably what happens is it just shows a white screen. Try putting in

app.get("/", (res, res) => {res.send("Hello, World!")})

You’ll need to navigate to the folder in this case.

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