Node continuously reinstalls and ERROR ENOENT

Every time I visit my project in the editor, I see that node is being installed and then there’s an error.
Any way to stop the constant node reinstall and remove the error - not sure if either is causing an issue but its disconcerting.


Could try this in the console:


Can you share your project?

sorry i missed your reply. see below for the output from pnpm-enable. also below that is the error I get


my project is serving a live slack workspace so i’m not sure about sharing.

The command should be enable-pnpm, not pnpm-enable.

ok - thanks @Bubbler - explains why that didn’t work.

however, after running enable-pnpm I still have the same original issue

Hi there doug, not sure if this could help but I was getting similar errors when I was testing out a project with open-wc, what I found was that I had to run the es-dev-server that the project was using with these flags --node-resolve and --preserve-symlinks as the glitch project symlinks node_modules to that link that the error is displaying.

There may be a similar need for these flags in your package.json file but not sure where you would need to put them I’m guessing what ever the “start”: command is.


Hey @dougmaloney, if your project is private, no one aside from folks you explicitly invite and a few Glitch staff will see your code (in part so we can help with problems like this), so you can safely provide your project name here. However, you’re also welcome to send a message to the @support_staff group or to send an email to with your project details.

We don’t need the project’s “join” invite token to see your project; the project name is sufficient. You should avoid posting project invite tokens publicly for any project, private or not, because that gives anyone who follows them full access to your project and all of its data.

In this case, it may be sufficient to see the contents of your package.json file; I suspect you’ve got a line for “node” in there, which can sometimes confuse package managers. If you do and you remove that line that may resolve this error.