Node.js doesn't work on a custom domain

Hey, my Node.js app doesn’t work on a custom domain. Here is the link: Its mine but its on my google account can someone please help me? Custom domain is

Could you show us your DNS configuration?

i do not see anything wrong

@jasoncornwall6, is it a subdomain for a custom domain? If so then you will have to forward paths!

There does seem to be an error. I’ll ping @glitch_support
(I’m a big TN fan thank you for doing what you do!)

Hi @jasoncornwall6

I just clicked on your links and everything appears to be loading correctly. Do you still need help here? If so, let us know what exactly is not working.

just a question- what does it do?

It’s an anonymous proxy

Its a type of proxy that runs off Node.js

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I connected my Freenom domain via Cloudflare, then pointed cname records towards the IP of the proxy. I have also tried connecting the cname record with the link glitch wanted me to point to but it did the samething

Its the custom domain that doesn’t work. Its a proxy made to bypass restrictions set by school administration on the web. I am trying to figure out why its not working on custom domains. doesn’t work either

i would use this for unblocking but…

my admin blocked new URLS

Do you guys use a whitelist vs a blacklist?

Can you show us the custom domain config in your project?