Node Js Live App is Not Working

Hi There,

I have Registered on Glitch yesterday (22 Sep 2020) and also Uploaded my app files but whenever I try to hit my live app URL I get 504 TimeOut or it will get stuck on Starting when I try to hit it from browser. please help me with this till now I have not used more than 4 hours from 1000 hrs/Month.

Live App URL: -

Let me know how i can fix this issue. Any help will be appreciated. Thanx

Do the errors point to any specific path?

I have not checked the browser console but code is working with out any errors that i am sure because same code is working if i try to run it from terminal using command node server.js

Do you have a route for “/”?

This is probably a Glitch error. You should contact

yes i have a route for “/” it check for a valid JWT

I have already mailed them but not received any response from them

I suppose you could try again and I could also ping @glitch_support here.

It looks like you are using port 9003. Glitch only supports port 3000.


Thanx @WhiteNemo it’s working… ThanQ all for helping… Happy Coding… :man_technologist: