Node JS loop limit?

So, i have this JSON data that need to be looped, it has around 100 data.

I used “for” loop and it stopped at 53, and the program stopped either.

Is it just me or Glitch set it that way?


If your program stopped as well, then it’s probably crashing.
Considering the “looped” codes are the same, then it would be that your program is using too much CPU and crashed.
Also, you being able to specify the exact amount 53 means it’s not preset to crash after 53 command loops.

nvm, there was a mistake that make the loop stopped
already fixed it, thanks!

most likely you segfaulted, which can occur if you send too many machine instructions to the application stack ( in node ) or heap ( in v8 ) it’s unlikely that a js app can crash by other forms of bottlenecks, since the abtraction process of learning how js translates to c++ then ram/instructional sets in whatever cpu you’re using is something I don’t know how to do yet, but maybe the glitch experts can easily figure it out!

btw you can benchmark your runtimes and see other resources uses such as ram; the “activity monitor” or “control alt delete” or “top” helps a lot with this unless you actually want to write code

No problem, don’t forget to mark as solved so it doesn’t confuse others.