Node module exceeded storage limit

I had a project that exceeded the node module size limit, This was just a project where i was trying some things out so it is not important. But it seems to have disappeared after I got a warning of “project playwright suspended: you exceeded the disk space limit on node_modules.”

after doing research this is not a project I want to do on glitch if these is such a limit * and since it seems to download three web browser kits.

Since it is suspended and not showing up in my projects Is there anything else I need to do ? or is it already deleted ?


hi @whatkai - the project is not deleted, we just suspend projects that go an extended period of time beyond our technical constraints. if you let me know the name of the project, i can unsuspend it and uninstall some packages so that it doesn’t get automatically suspended again.

I named the project playwright and that is the same node_module what exceeded the storage limits


Can you double check and make sure that’s the name - I don’t see a project with the name “playwright” anywhere.