Node module package not updating to most recent version

Hello. I am trying to update my Trello API node module package to it’s most recent version, 0.13.0, however it’s saying the version does not exist even though it is listed on the GitHub.

Error: No matching version found for trello@^0.13.0

The reason I want to update it is because the old version has vulnerabilities, otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it. Could anyone help?

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Just noticed on the Github (GitHub - norberteder/trello: Use the Trello API from Node) it has the latest version as 0.12.0 which I’m trying to update to, but on npm it has the latest version as 0.11.0. How would I go about fixing this? Would I need to somehow update it from Github?


Hi @roman! You can install it via git & npm:

npm install git://
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Thanks! Should it then show in package.json?

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I think yes :grinning:

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