Node_modules over disk space usage

Installed an npm package that was larger than I thought. Just pinging so that I can unlock it and remove it and clear out the space and keep working

Hi @timeconsumer,

We can help you here! First, please respond with the name of your project.

Sure, it’s summer-laborer

Thanks @timeconsumer!

I’ve given your project additional disk space for 24 hours.

If you need additional help here, let us know!


It appears that it is still suspended for the same issue?

OK - looks like the disk space filled up again. Sorry about that!

I just ran the following command in your project’s console to keep it open for now:
echo '{}' > glitch.json && rm -rf node_modules /rbd/pnpm-volume/app/node_modules && refresh

Now you should be able to review recent additions and remove ones that might be large before deleting the glitch.json file and refresh ing or enable-pnpm ing your project.

If you need additional help, or if your project goes back to suspended mode, let us know!

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Hi @tasha I’m having a similar issue with the disk space, and I can’t git gc because it says I don’t have enough disk space for that either. Would it be possible to get a 24 hour disk expansion as well? My project is called “sun-god-bot”.

Also, for some reason some of my database files I tried to put into my gitignore disappeared and I can’t seem to rewind them back since the rewind got wiped as well. Do you know if there are any other recovery options? Thank you!


Thanks for letting us know! I have given you extra space for the next 24 hours and unsuspended your project.

You should still be able to access those files you are looking for through the project console.

Let me know if you can’t find them.

Hi @tasha, thanks so much for the help, I got it back online!

Just for future reference, are gitignored files able to be rewinded? Additionally, would I be able to view them in the glitch interface (I was able to find them thru console as you suggested and they’re not there right now because of the gitignore). Thank you again!

Great questions @AthenaBird !

  • Files added to .gitignore will not be part of a rewind.
  • To view files in .gitignore, you will need to use the project console - which you smartly figured out!

If you have additional questions, let us know!

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Sorry to revive a thread from last year, I’m having the same disk/git prune + gc issues again on a different boosted app (“moon-god-bot”) since I didn’t include .txt files in my gitignore, thinking it wouldn’t increase that quickly in size. Would it be possible to get another temporary extra storage space so I can run git gc/git prune?

Thanks, and apologies for making the same mistake again!

You should contact about this. You will probably get a fast response there.

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