Node project is running, but website fails to load, stuck on starting up


:tired_face: I’m trying to figure out ways to fix this issue. When I am coding my discord.js bot, it starts up normally, but when I try to open up the project website, it is stuck on “starting”. On the editor, the Website Status Logo is set to a GIF and it’s been like that and it only changes to “Offline” if I have an error. Can someone help me? Also, would it be my code or not that is interfering?


Hi @RenderedPix, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

From what I can tell it sounds likely that you don’t have something listening to render your web page. That’s consistent both with your project being stuck on “Starting” in both the website and editor views.

If you can post the content of whatever file is being executed by your package.json’s start script we can take a look, or even easier you can let us know the project name (email to if you’d prefer to keep the name private).


It also happens due to errors in the code.
It happens to me too but error is logged in the console.
Check Your Console For errors or it maybe due to what cori told