Node-Red-db: A revamp Of HTML-DB

yea, ok, so, we all know my revamps are getting old, so, why not a rename, and a new purpose?

Html-db was honestly never a good database package, had too many issues, broken methods, the whole shebang, well, now i’m fixing that, it is no longer ready-to-use in client-side pages, it is now server-side-only

because we can now actually not abide by the old name of html-db, we can finally make it work properly.

so, now, it is going to be just as good as its new competitors… jsoning, and endb

Url please :slight_smile:

even though it is not even done

I could make the static site

I’ll be releasing that shortly =)

i will be finished working on it tmr

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well then, guess i was wrong, i changed the category =)

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thats a good workaround

maybe in the uncategorized section they could even add rules to that

still working on it, but here is a lil’ preview to the docs!

Isn’t there already WebSQL?

;-; yes…