Nodejs Discord project any way to save disk space?

Hello I am working on this repo and want to deploy it on glitch but am running out of disk space.

I also deleted the devDependencies so they are not install at pnpm i

Here are my steps in deployment:

  1. install nvm to get node.js
  2. install pnpm
  3. pnpm i //I am stuck here as I run out of space with my dependencies ;(
  4. pnpm prune
  5. pnpm start

Is there anyway other way I can save space to fit my discord project? Otherwise I will have to use another service.

my glitch project name is free-daily-sawfish for reference

Can you try running this in the Glitch terminal:

du -h -d1

It should reveal any large folders, i.e.

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removed nvm since I only needed it for install. Anything else I can remove?

Also seems like every time I open glitch the node version is downgraded to v12.0.x and yarn stops working so I have to reconfigure… How exactly does glitch work?

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Hey, have you got a Node version specified in your package.json under engines? like:

  "engines": {
    "node": "14.x"