Nodeversions update?

Looking at, I can see that the currently available Node.js versions are:

  • v10.15.3
  • v11.14.0
  • v12.0.0
  • v6.17.1
  • v8.15.1
  • v9.11.2

Of those versions, only v6 and v9 are on their latest respective versions.
What’s the process for bumping the minor version numbers of these options? I’m especially interested now that v12 has entered active LTS, and is up to v12.13.0 now.

Hey @noelleleigh thanks for the note! We’re still working out processes for this and other in-container software and keeping it up to date; right now this is a very manual process.

I’ve added this set of updates to our task list to make sure they get updated “soon” and we expect to build a more robust update process in the future!

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