Non-changing disk status, causing stuff to not save (BUG)

My project witch is used to host my site, won’t save new changes, even when I remix that project to a new one, it causes the same problem, I’ve tested by deleting absolutely everything and still it says I’m hitting the limit or close enough “theatrically that it can’t save”.

On Monday I contacted @tasha and they were able to give me, some extra disc space, so we could fix our files, to work with glitch, (witch we assumed/thought was our our fault at the time).
(Have problems saving changes)

So… At the moment I don’t know where to go from here, am I just supposed to make a fresh project with the same files and wait for the day that it happens again?..

It is worth pointing out that when @tasha added more disc, it did seem to work start working.
but again i tested by deleting everything so obviously that’s not right.

Any help is appreciated!

Hey @Jawschamp,

Have you tried running the following commands in your projects console?
git prune && git gc and refresh

If that does not work, it could be because your projects space is too high, you will have to wait for @tasha to give your project some extra space to be able to run the commands! :slight_smile:
Once you do clear up your space, I do recommend creating a file named .gitignore and putting the directories to any files that are edited a lot by your project itself, e.g a database, into the .gitignore!

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This may/probably doesn’t change either but, why would that move to a remix version, and also I don’t have the files backed to github xd, but i just find that odd…?

also, I wasn’t able to refresh because it was stuck in this I’ll call (bug).

What do you mean by this?

hey @Jawschamp - what’s the name of the project having this issue?

My Project Name is “ezfn” (no quotations).

If someone were to remix my project

thanks for the info - I gave you 24 hours of disk space - I see the extra space showing in your Container Status. you should be able to run git prune; git gc now. if you end up hitting disk limits even after that, then you will need to remove unnecessary files in order to stay within our limits and keep your app running.

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I find it very odd that I hade way less disc usage, way back then and I even rewinded to that time and still I’m over 200 disc that makes no sense to me, how is it adding?

I will DM you a project I remixed from my “ezfn” project, so you can see no files in the project but 100% disc…

it is likely the git history of the project, which grows as the project is worked on, and also is carried over into remixes.

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Yeah 100 mb of a project i had was git data because i setup git on my other server to commit to the repo every day. When I imported everything into glitch, I sorta regretted it.

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So your saying delete it? Witch I’d like to point out can’t be done from the web version only in vs code…

are you still above disk space limits after pruning your git history (running git prune; git gc in the console)?

I need to delete some log files. First I have not been on vscode yet. I will in about 6 hr

My Disc status finally changed!

awesome, great to hear!