Non-mentioned commands

How do i make it so that i don’t have to mention my bot’s username every time i want to use a command?

following along with this will teach you all the basics, including this

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Or just use Eris.
Its a nice bot library that allows for prefixes.

Actually i’ve re-written everything in phyton. I don’t need help anymore

Yeah, I don’t really agree with @Erisfiregamer1 rewriting an entire bot in a different framework as it’s very tedious and discord.js is the most supported discord bot library and more people will be able to help you.

Actually all libraries that aren’t like a giant starter kit for your bot allow for prefixes, they just do the discord api interaction for you nothing else. Unless you use a command handler, you should be able to implement a prefix perfectly fine.
You should be able to implement a prefix in both eris and discordjs very similarly as they both allow you to access the message as strings.