Norton warning on as dangerous

Norton is reporting as a dangerous site to users

@ihack2712. Your message is not useful. This is a problem across all subdomains being reported as dangerous under for Norton. There are users who use Norton which led me to post this message. I have reported your reply as offensive.

Thanks for reporting this. It looks like it’s declaring a threat domain-wide because it found a crypto mining script on one project sub-domain. We’ll see what we can do to clear this up.

Norton have now reviewed the issue and have cleared the warning. Thanks again for reporting it.


It might be appropriate to add to the public suffix list I don’t know if Norton uses it, but that would systematically declare that the subdomains of are, like, different users or something.

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My friend has just sent me this:

GERBS Today at 5:39 PM

Um yea ill find a font later, buuuut only reason about glitch is when i tried to login norton flagged it up as a malicious website sooooo
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Thanks for the heads up! We’ll get that sorted out!

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This has been resolved. Thanks for letting us know, @Callum-OKane!