Not Found Custom Domain

I Used A Custom Domain On My WEBISTE And Changed Freenom DNS And Still.

Error: not found:

Idk Why Any Help

Update: Changed My DOMAIN To Still The Same Error
Also Here Is A Screenshot

did you put the cname record

Did you enter in the right domain name into the custom domain box?

Yes I Did Put But Still

Did you put the cname record

Yes I Did I Use Freenom Set Name To WWW And To CNAME And Then To Glitch Custom Domain

Just note that DNS records can take 24 hours to update.

Oh Ok But Its Say Not Found Thats Why I Was Confused

@RiversideRocks @idodev See My Screenshot

Only reason that this could/would happen is if your custom domain isn’t registered on glitch’s side. Go to your glitch project and enter the domain again, if it says allready registered, set a CNAME to

Still Nothing Also I Use Freenom

Allright, email

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